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Tadka Dal Fresh Curry Meal Kit | Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Delivered in the North East of England | Ananda's Gourmet

Tadka Dal Fresh Curry Meal Kit


No Indian meal will be complete without a Dal dish. Our Tadka Dal meal kit is a simple, wholesome and easy to prepare dish. Tadka is a Hindi word for tempering at the end of a final dish. The spices are added in hot oil to release the aromas and flavours producing a satisfying and wholesome dish. Enjoy it as a side dish in a meal, or on its own with any Indian bread or fluffy rice.

Cooking Time: 30mins, Preparation Time: 15mins

Serves: 4, Heat:  midchilli

Ananda’s Gourmet vegetarian meal kits are delivered with everything you need to enjoy your meal including enough rice for 4 portions.

Due to the freshness of the ingredients Ananda’s Gourmet Meal Kits can only be dispatched to addresses in the North East of England. They Will be delivered safely and promptly by Next Day North East. If you live outside of the North East you can still enjoy the taste of Ananda’s Gourmet by purchasing a Spice Kit.

What you need

All of our meal kits contain fresh, local ingredients and this Tadka Dal kit will give you the authentic Indian cuisine experience. These kits come with everything you need to cook a meal for 4 people, including rice. We use only the best and freshest ingredients in our gourmet meal kits, and we will deliver them to you the very next day to ensure the ingredients are kept fresh and ready to cook


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