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About Anandas Gourmet | Fresh Indian Cuisine Delivered to your Door | Anandas Gourmet

About Anandas Gourmet

Anandas Gourmet believes in and delivers fresh flavours and heart warming food. All the recipes are created to produce authentic Indian food from the soul, produced from fresh ingredients with no additives or food colouring. Have a look at our Meal Kits for our signature curry dishes, from a simple, vegetarian option of Aloo Gobi, which is a cauliflower and potato dish, to a banquet dish of Chicken Biryani. You are sure to find something that will suit your palate and match every occasion. Anandas Gourmet is created with a lot of passion and with the aim to enable you to impress family and friends by producing high quality, tasty, authentic Indian food at home.

There is a selection of vegetarian, chicken, lamb and prawn fish for you to choose from, all of which are easy to find on our site. The options for you include purchasing the pre-blended and weighed Indian Spice Packs, which come with the recipe and instructions. You can also order a Meal Kit depending on your preference, and for that special occasion we will help you pull together a great dinner party with your family and friends. The Meal Kits are ready for you to cook with all the fresh ingredients, spices and herbs in the right proportions (with the exception of meat or prawns) saving you the hassle of shopping for the ingredients and worrying about when to add each of the spices – as we provide you with simple and easy to follow instructions to experience an authentic home cooked meal.

Anandas Gourmet provides you with the convenience and taste of authentic Indian food that you will be proud to say you made ‘at home’ and the assurance that the ingredients were fresh and sourced from UK farms and specialist retailers. Anandas Gourmet is an answer for the busy food aficionados of today who do not like to compromise,especially in creating a delicious Indian meal that is fresh, quick and tasty for the family. The kits are prepared for 4 people (unless stated). For dinner parties please order more than 1 kit and you will save on packaging and postage costs.

Ananda hails from Hyderabad in Southern India, traditionally a land of Nawabs and Kings. The cooking is very much influenced by Moghul cooking which has its own distinctive traditions and flavours. Her story is typical of Indian family heritage: “I spent my childhood in a big joint family where food was a central part of life and learnt to cook from the very young age of ten. My parents are my leading inspiration, combining their passion for great flavour and their zest for providing fantastic food for guests. Hence, the culture of ‘Ananda’s Gourmet’ is about pleasing the palate and satisfying the soul. I have a passion for cooking and over the years loved spending time in the kitchen and was ready to experiment with various ingredients, mixing and understanding the spices. I give utmost attention to picking the right kind of spices, which add a distinct aroma and taste. I played around with various dishes and believed in traditional methods using fresh ingredients making the dish authentic and flavoursome.” From my kitchen to yours…. “I want to give an unforgettable experience of mainly Indian food, which is influenced by different regions of India. I want you to experience the taste of my kitchen in your own home. The recipes offered by ‘Ananda’s Gourmet’ are the ones that I learned from my Mother, Grandma, Mother-in-law and other sources , which I developed and refined over many years. It gives me great joy in sharing the rich tastes with you all.”