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As most of our followers will know, Ananda’s Gourmet recently won the #SBS – Small Business Sunday, which is ran by Theo Paphitis. It is something that we have been involved in since 2014, and our efforts paid off when we were announced as a Winner on 31st May 2015. Here is our official #SBS profile.  

The event is held every Sunday on Twitter, between 17:00 and 19:30, and you simply tweet Theo with a description of your business, and he goes on to select his favourites. It is not only open to start ups, but to established businesses too, so that everyone has a chance. The excitement is not only having a renowned entrepreneur take notice of your business, but also having your business tweeted to almost half a million followers is great to create awareness of your brand!

We have found Twitter in general to be a great way of spreading the word of Ananda’s Gourmet, and it also allows us to get involved with other businesses and online networking events, so in September last year, when I first found #SBS, I knew it would be a great way to increase our reach.

We would encourage anyone to get involved with this, and make sure you tweet your business to Theo every Sunday.

Here are some instructions to make sure you make the most of the opportunity:

  • Follow @TheoPaphitis and @RymanStationery on Twitter.
  • Tweet about your business in 140 characters or less, directed to @TheoPaphitis, adding the hashtag #SBS.
  • Tweet on a Sunday between 17:00 and 19:30.
  • Use humour and topicality if it feels natural to you.
  • Feel free to add a link or web address in your tweet.
  • Having a website increases your chances of being noticed.
  • Ensure your profile sells your business and has a link to your website. Include a colourful graphic.
  • It helps to know the names behind the business. #SBS is for small businesses. The personal touch is liked.
  • Just tweet once in each weekly time slot.
  • Look out for the re-tweets.

If you are not chosen, don’t despair and try again!

What NOT to do

  • Tweet repeatedly in the hope you are seen.
  • Get another to tweet on your behalf or recommend you or re-tweet in the time frame, it does not help.
  • Forget the importance of your own website. If it is not yet functioning, it is of little interest to others.
  • Nag or whinge if you don’t get a re-tweet – it will not look good!
  • If you have won before, don’t try a second time! You are stealing an opportunity from someone else!

We wish you the very best of luck with your business becoming a winner of #SBS.